Patient Resources

Listed here are links to various medical sites on the web. Some are geared toward patients and lay-persons while others are more suited for professionals. Many government sites are listed as well. We are always searching for the most professional and up to date information on the web. Use this portal to find these top sites in your search for quality health care information.

Healthcare: 4th most important topic on the net

For women and seniors, 2nd most popular destination

Higher percentage of patients learn of new drugs from the Internet than from television and print ads

Patient and Professional Websites

Medscape - Medscape offers information for the professional caregiver and also detailed articles for patients as well.

WebMD- WebMD is a public corporation offering transaction services, professional education, and patient news/articles.

Missouri Health Insurance- Group helps with insurance and health care information

ACRP - Associates of Clinical Research Professionals: This is a certified group of professionals conducting clinical trials.

D.I.A. - The Drug Information Association is a group interested in the up and coming technologies and medicines of health care.

Health A to Z - This is a search engine for health related sites.

New Media Medicine - New Media Medicine develops interactive animations and elearning tutorials for the healthcare community. - Is a site geared toward measuring your health. On-line assessments to provide you with useful information about your health status. - e-health site that helps individuals manage their health care and achieve their own unique health objectives.

3Cpharmasuite - This company provides clinical trials management software. Everything from preparing the budget to collecting payments. - Premier oncology site for patients and professionals. Worth a visit. - PDHI's MyHealthyLife Network provides disease-specific health channels that enable users to manage their chronic disease.

Efforts - Support group for COPD and emphysema.

Research Investigators Source Inc. - Linking investigators and clinical research sponsors together to speed up clinical trials.

The Heart Organization - A website from WebMD concerning cardiovascular issues.

Government Sites - patient recruitment; trial listings. - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

dhhs - Department of Health and Human Services.

Federal Register

fda - Food and Drug Administration.

index of electronic reading room documents - The FDA put up this site. - National Institutes of Health.

national cancer institute of Canada - oncology clinical trials group.

Patient Recruitment

These sites specialize in finding patients interested in new clinical trials and linking them up with sponsors and investigators conducting the trials. Centerwatch is the most widely known site and lists trials by diagnosis and geographical area. - Clinical trials listing service. - Patient recruitment.